Los Angeles Leadership Academy Educational Program Overview Los Angeles Leadership’ Academy's educational program reflects the three strands of its mission:
INTELLECTUAL, to prepare students to succeed in college and on their chosen career paths;

PERSONAL, to promote students' healthy personal development in an environment that prioritizes strong relationships and active participation in school and community life; and

CIVIC, to build a cadre of young leaders taking action to advance their visions for a just and humane world. 
Primary Academy (grades K-5)

Primary Academy students will participate in dual-immersion instruction in Math, Spanish Language Arts, English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and PE. In addition, students will receive instruction in Art and Music. At the primary academy, we focus on developing the whole child and we provide students the skills they need to be successful functioning citizens.

Middle School (grades 6-8)

Middle school students will receive core instruction in Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and PE. In addition, students will receive English Language Development, Math Intervention, Writing Workshop,Journalism,Public Speaking, Speech and Debate, and Sports. At the middle school, we focus on developing the whole child and we provide students the skills they need to be successful functioning citizens.
Primary Academy and Middle School Advisory

Each student is provided an intervention/advisory period where they receive additional English Language Development, Math, or Writing intervention lessons based on student need and data. As students improve academically,students will exit out of intervention and attend skill-building classes. Students that do not require additional intervention or differentiation of the curriculum will receive skill-building classes in Public Speaking, Speech and Debate, and Journalism. Our goal is to have all students receive these skill-building classes during Advisory. In addition, students will work together on social justice projects to benefit the school and local community, examples include recycling program, "clean the beaches", gardening, creating support groups, creating community awareness in local, state, national, and world issues, participating in political campaigns, and other types of socially responsive programs. These efforts are then supported across the curriculum.
High School (grades 9-12)

Los Angeles Leadership Academy High School offers University of California approved courses that meet the A-G course requirements.

Four years of standards-based instruction in English are offered including Advanced Placement English Literature in the 12th grade and English 11 Honors.

Four years of standards-based instruction in Math are available to students through the following course offerings: Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-calculus, and Calculus.

Students have the opportunity to take Biology, Chemistry, and Physics; all courses include hands-on labs.

 Social Studies/History
Critical thinking and writing are expected while students complete the required year-long courses of World History and United States History, and the semester courses in Government and Economics.

 Foreign Language
We offer Spanish for the native and non-native speakers with course offerings of Spanish I, II, and III. We are also proud to offer Advanced Placement Spanish.

 Physical Education
Our PE program highlights the state standards including health and overall fitness.

Our focus on our Art Program is apparent not only for our students murals surrounding our campus, but within the standard-based art curriculum including units in drawing, painting, photography, graphic design, and ceramics.

High Shcool Advisory

Each student is assigned to an advisory class where they have a teacher who serves as a general advisor to them. The advisor helps with study skills, tracking homework and progress, and other issues that may arise in the course of a school day. In addition students work on a progressively intense (from 9th grade through 12th grade) college-prep unit. Advisory is also where students learn about, create and take part in social justice projects ranging from recycling efforts and community awareness to political campaigns and other types of socially responsive programs.

Other Curricular Offerings

Additional support for student learning is provided though writing and mathematics labs; and CAHSEE (California High School Exit Exam) and SAT preparation opportunities. Enrichment and tutoring programs are also available after school at no charge.

Los Angeles Leadership Academy
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Los Angeles Leadership Academy
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