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Timothy Petty
Athletics Director
(213) 381-8484 
[email protected]
​My name is Tim Petty, but most students call me "Coach". 
I am Los Angeles Leadership Academy's Athletic Director for grades 6th - 12th. 

I have been involved in sports all my life; it's "in my blood".  Athletics played a critical part in keeping me healthy and focused on academic goals during my youth. The training I received allowed me the opportunity to attend college through an athletic scholarship and successfully complete my education.  Participating in sports throughout my life also helped me develop skills such as time management, problem solving, delegating, motivation, and team building.  

For the past twelve years, it has been my pleasure to work with students as an Athletic Director.  Being an Athletic Director has allowed me the opportunity to provide young people the kind of guidance, character building opportunities, and life lessons, that made a tremendous difference in my life.  It always a joy to witness the positive impact that participating in sports can have on young people's sense of purpose and pride.  In addition, I have had the pleasure to witness college opportunities become available to my students through athletic scholarships.

It is the goal of Los Angeles Leadership Academy's Athletic Department that student athletes pursue excellence on the field and court, as well as off of it.  Our student athletes are expected to set an example of good sportsmanship, to pursue personal growth, and to maintain ethical responsibility through academic work, team experiences, and as community leaders. As the Athletic Director at Los Angeles Leadership Academy, I encourage all students to take full advantage of a rigorous High School/Middle School education while participating in an exceptional Interscholastic Sports program.